Notion Ink Adam Demo

First video footage of the Notion Ink Adam, Android Tablet in action.

In the demo a USB drive and a wireless mouse are both plugged in to USB ports on either side of the tablet.

A major factor of the software interface appears to be the 'Panel Engine' which displays all apps side by side in a stream similar to cover flow in iTunes. However Adam can output this through HDMI.

'Launcher' which is similar to androids launcher combined with recent tasks and a search panel, is a hidden dock wich when activated reveals the ribbon of recent apps.
Various hardware buttons are demonstrated including 'quick tab'.
Copy and paste which integrates with a notes app is shown appearing as acrop field from any view.
The canvas app is shown finger painting and "supports layers" image editing and auto saves .
The "bonus mystery feature" is still not revealed and the back of the device is never shown (hiding the rear touch pad no doubt)
More specifications
Official site


To re-produce a real world scenario for a heavy user, we have kept these applications and their panels open:
EMail Client (mail'd), Browser, Navigation App, Canvas Application, Calendar, Calculator, Office Suoite (PDF file 6.5MB), Sniffer (File browser with Internal Memory, Pen Drive and SD Card Data indexed) and E-book reader. Later we added Weather App and a few tads in the browser.

This is not the same with other devices that run or display only one app at a time.

Pen Drive
Swivel Camera
Panel Engine

Select any panel to view
Tap to get a panel in focus
Calendar Panel Selected
Swipe Across to browse

The Launcher conveniently arranges recently opened app panels at the beginning of the list. Clicking on these icons will bring the app in the panel system to the focus.
Tap outside to hide the launcher ribbon

Ebook reader

Tap to change the panel in focus, in this case to Sniffer
Accessing data in the USB


Maps and Navigation
Eden comes with on device Vector Maps. (included only from Honeycomb on Android devices)

Press Home Key to access Panel System

When you reach the end of the content, it stretches let us know we reached the end of the panel list.

When you open an application without a panel, Eden seeks your permission to open the application in the full screen mode.

PDF viewer
Multi touch support for zoom in and zoom out.

Press Menu Key to access Panel Specific function

Full SCreen Browser

Hot Plug Support for wireless devices, in this case it's a mouse.
Full computing experience with peripherals.

Multi-touch Drag-up to access quick menu.
Crop and copy functions which integrates with Notes App
Content is automatically "arranged"

Canvas App
You can paint or edit images.
Canvas support multiple photo-effects, and layers
Your art-work is automatically saved.

Noticing the Android 2.3 UI framework?

When you tap on the result, it gets copied to the clipboard

Let's launch the Full Screen Browser
You can quickly add a tab or open a closed one"

Left edge inserted with USB drive
Bottom edge
Right edge