Google Unveils Brilliant Android-Controlled LED Light Bulb


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Today Google flipped the switch on a remarkable new LED bulb that can be controlled by any Android device using the company’s new open-source wireless networking protocol. The search giant worked with Lighting Science Group to develop the omnidirectional 60-watt equivalent bulb, which can be dimmed or brightened on the fly by an Android-equipped smart phone, tablet, or laptop. The smart bulb is the perfect test bed for Google’s new protocol, which stands to open the door to a new wave of energy-efficient home systems."

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multitouch test : Acer iconia honeycomb tab

The display was able to recognise 10 points at a time. Using Super Paint app here multiple lines are drawn simultaneously. I found the response time could have been a bit quicker. The line falls behind the point of touch, I think this can be a simple way to compare the performance of tablets.