Nexus 5

A new Nexus Phone -   successor to galaxy nexus.
A higher spec nexus Tablet -   stepped up from the nexus 7
Google TV -   android box for your tv
Google Project Glass -   augmented reality glasses
The Nexus Q -   streaming music player

Could these be the 5 nexus devices to celebrate android's 5 birthday on the 5 of November?
The date is also said to coincided with the launch of android version 5 "key lime pie"

Will it be 5 nexus phones or a combination of phones and tablets?

3 months to go, anything could happen...

What are your thoughts?


Google Launches Android Classes to Bolster App Development

Google Launches Android Classes to Bolster App Development:

Professor Android, I presume? Photo courtesy of Google

In today’s mobile platform wars, it’s not the size of your smartphone that matters — it’s the number of apps you’ve got, and how well they work.

Google knows this much is true. On Thursday evening, the company launched Android Training classes, an effort to boost its app developer base in both breadth and quality.

“Each class explains the steps required to solve a problem, or implement a feature, with plenty of code snippets and sample code for you to use within your own apps,” wrote Android developer relations tech lead Reto Meier in a company blog post.

Admittedly, it’s more of a Phoenix U than an MIT. Currently, all of the “lessons” are available online via Android’s Developer web site, with separate sections devoted to the nuanced challenges developers face when coding for the OS.

There are, however, more targeted categories for different types of developers and app strategies, including sections like “Developing for Enterprise,” and tutorials focused on ad-based monetization strategies for apps.

In a technical sense, these classes are especially important considering some of the Android-specific issues that programmers must deal with. Case in point: the wide variety of screen sizes that results from providing the OS to dozens of hardware manufacturers for use on all manner of devices.

What’s more, Google needs to beef up its app catalog in general. Currently, the Android ecosystem includes some 250,000 apps, and that’s about 250,000 fewer than what Apple boasts in its App Store. It’s an uphill battle, considering Apple’s app momentum doesn’t show signs of slowing.

This isn’t the first time Google has taken to schooling developers. In August, the company hosted a series of workshops focused specifically on creating tablet-optimized apps. Dubbed Android Developer Labs (or ADLs), the aim was to boost the piddling number of Android tablet apps available in the Market, while simultaneously teaching developers tricks to improve app quality. The sessions were initially infrequent, with a handful occurring in the U.S., as well as an Indian session.

Of course, not all of Android’s app problems can be fixed with better software development. Google has recently made headway in improving the Android Market itself, as the company launched a major interface overhaul in May and another in July for mobile devices.

Developer relations lead Meier says that this is a small step in the department’s overall plans, and we should expect a greater offering of courses and tutorials over the coming months.

Polaroid Android

Polaroid ‘Smart Camera’ Runs Android:

"It's not a camera phone. It's a 'smart camera', m'kay?

The inevitability of this camera doesn’t make it any less surprising: Polaroid is set to launch a “smart” camera running Android, and with Wi-Fi inside. The camera–which looks a lot like a cellphone with a big lens attached–will pack a 16MP sensor, a 3x optical zoom lens and a touch-screen display.

It’s a very smart move from Polaroid, a company which has been flailing around for a purpose since film died. The cellphone camera is in many ways the spiritual successor to the iconic instant photos, so why not get in on the action? Phones might not have the image quality of the best compacts, but you can share and edit your photos right there, something cameras have been unable to do. Until now.

You can of course load on any camera app you like (apart from the iPhone-only Instagram), but Polaroid seems to have put some effort into its own camera app. 18 scene modes are joined by smile and face detection, geo-tagging, editing and automatically organized photo albums.

And because the SC1630 Smart Camera runs Wi-Fi and not 3G, you won’t be forced to sign up for yet another data plan. It’s a lot like an iPod Touch with a good camera.

I’m very interested in this. I’m permanently on the cusp of buying an iPhone just for the camera, even though I almost never make calls and carry my 3G iPad with me everywhere. If Instagram ever gets around to making an Android app, then I’ll probably jump at this camera instead.

The Smart Camera will launch in 2012, price yet to be decided."

from Gadget Lab

Polaroid Announces the SC1630 Smart Camera Powered by Android [Polaroid]